Ferrari Cavallino Dock and Headphone Collection by Logic3

Another toy was launched.The Italian luxury automaker Ferrari made a partnership with Logic3 and they create a series of headphones and speaker docks.Only 13 new products in two collections will be available.Those two collections are:the Ferrari Cavallino Collection and also the Scuderia Ferrari Collection.The first features with the famous Cavallino Rampante with Premium textures and materials combined with superior finishes to create unparalleled luxury and beautiful aesthetics.While the Scuderia Ferrari Collection is the result of the competition,speed and technology.

Ferrari Cavallino Dock and Headphone Collection by Logic3 (1)

The Cavallino T350 has a price tag of $460 while the Scuderia R300 has a price tag of $390.But this is not all because they have a Ferrari treatment with the leather-trimmed Cavallino G150 and T150 ($250), and noise-isolating Scuderia S100 ($150) and Scuderia R100 ($170).


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