Federico Mauro’s Famous Shoes Collection

Federico Mauro is a gifted Italian designer that managed to surprise the entire world with his Famous Eyeglasses collection, which featured a series of eyewear pieces inspired in their design by famous personalities. And since his first collection proved to be such a huge success, the designer decided that it was time to create a Famous Shoes line by following the same principle.

Federico Mauro's Famous Shoes Collection (7)

The Famous Shoes collection includes a comprehensive list of stunning pieces that stand out thanks to their eccentric, elegant or extremely casual designs that reflect the personality of their respective “owners”. Therefore, the line comprises any type of footwear from Marty McFly’s sneakers to Clint Eastwood’s cowboy boots or Al Capone’s classic, elegant two-tone glossy shoes in black and white.

You can admire some of the most impressive pieces from the collection (including Mark Zuckerberg’s flip-flops or Michael Jackson’s dancing shoes) by browsing through the picture gallery we provided below.

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