Fast and Sophisticated Harmony Vessel by Moran Yacht

Harmony by Moran Yacht is a vessel that combines sophistication with performance. So if you want a yacht that is both luxurious and fast, Harmony is just right for you. The 146-foot vessel has a cruising speed of 20 knots and is more than capable of reaching an amazing maximum speed of 23 knots. It is equipped with 6 state rooms designed to host up to 12 passengers in great conditions.

Fast and Sophisticated Harmony Vessel by Moran Yacht (17)

Accommodations include a VIP suite set on the bridge deck, a cabin with twin beds, two cabins with king-size beds, an on deck master suite and a starboard gym with Pullman berth. Separate accommodation areas were designed for crew members. The cabin destined to the captain is on the bridge deck and five other double cabins are set below deck for the rest of the crew. The decks are connected by an elevator.

All of the compartments of the yacht boast fantastic amenities among which we can count the audio/video entertainment systems. The reason why the vessel is so fast is that it is fitted with two four stroke 16 cylinder diesel engines that are able of putting out 3,650 horsepower individually. As any modern yacht, Harmony too flaunts modern navigation and communication systems.

The vessel’s price dropped to $33.75 million from the initial price of $36.75 million.

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