Fashion –Trends for fall/winter 2011-2012

Accesories,shoes,clothes all these prepared designers for us to soften the fall and winter.It is time to learn what are the trends for fall/winter 2011-2012.Some little clues midi skirt is in force,pair of gloves from the lake are in fashion and super sexy boots with hight top of the boot and frame ,and special models with tassels ,buttons or patches.

Fashion –Trends for fall/winter 2011-2012 (10)

In the cold season you must to have in your wardrobe a maxi dress because it reinvents itself and access to a sphere of absolute elegance.The materials must to be fluid,precious and to adore your body.About colors we can say that YSL proposed monochrome creations from silk .D&G and Valentino go to minimalist line of cut, necklaces, bows and delicate straps, dresses with prints but little sprinkle.

Giambattista Valli proposed and dresses from artificial fur, worn underneath Maletic and accessorized with metal collars and wide belts.

Yellow color intensity is a star. Italian brand brings to the fore articles minimalist, with linear and grafisme croiuri color, fine wool coats, doc and thin fabric. Everything is colorful sneakers, bright, vivid print and crocheted sweaters with star horses and Dalmatian proposed D&G and Jean Charles of Castelbajac.

Nina Ricci,Chloe,Louis Vuitton proposed mini dresses. Python skin and denim are also among the stars.

About accesories , fur accessories are indispensable and designers are not limited to classic shades of brown or black, but offer a wide array, from green to orange. Louis Vuitton has a unique proposal: patent leather gloves decorated with gold chains precious caught with a chic clutch lock.D&G prefers in the same time  the yellow,green,purple,wallets.

Dior house we recommend boots over the knee in fall colors from ocher to burgundy or brown. Frame of 15 cm is customary. The combination of red and nude soft leather is chic and versatile color in the collection is more.Others shades in fashion are warm shades of camel, white vanilla, brown or beige proposed by Hermes.



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