The Fascinating Longleat Hedge Maze in England

The Longleat Estate in Wiltshire, England is a remarkable property with mazes, a beautifully landscaped parkland, a safari park and a stately Elizabethan country house. One of its mazes is particularly special because it is the world’s longest hedge labyrinth, totaling 1.69 miles of pathway.

Fascinating Longleat Hedge Maze in England

Known as the Longleat Hedge Maze, it is made up of over 16,000 English yews, and it covers an area of 1.48 acres. It can take about an hour and a half to find your way out, because the path is really sinuous and there are also several dead ends that make things even more complicated. Don’t worry, though, if you do feel like you’re completely lost, there are several “Lift if lost” signs that can be turned when in trouble.

There is a central tower at the core of the maze, as well as six raised bridges that can help you gain a little perspective. The maze has been around since 1975, challenging numerous people over the decades, but tourists today often use their smartphones to analyze online maps of the labyrinth and easily find the quickest route out.

The numerous hedges obviously need to be kept in excellent condition, which is a more challenging task than you may think. Six gardeners need to work together for a whole month to finish trimming the entire maze, and then six months later they have to do it all over again. With the Longleat Estate covering so much ground, we imagine they don’t really get bored in those six months either.

The Fascinating Longleat Hedge Maze in England

Longleat Hedge Maze in England

Longleat Hedge Maze


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