Fascinating Green Dragon Pub Opens in Hobbiton, New Zealand

Fascinated by the magical Lord of the Rings story? Welcome to the club! For you and all the other diehard fans of the saga, there is an out-of-this-world realm of fantasy waiting to be explored, right here on our planet. You can find it in New Zealand, in a beautiful place called Hobbiton. It is the actual hobbit village that you’ve seen in the movies, the real movie set, with all its fairy tale houses and picturesque green hills.

Fascinating Green Dragon Pub Opens in Hobbiton, New Zealand (5)

Here, in the famous Hobbiton village, the Green Dragon Inn was recently opened up for visitors, working as a real pub where Lord of the Rings enthusiasts can enjoy English drinks in a very unique ambiance. Served in ceramic beer steins, various beers, cold amber ales, ginger ales, and ciders are ready to quench every guest’s thirst for an authentic hobbit experience.

At the opening of the pup the Prime Minister of New Zealand himself was present, marking the grand debut of the project. For the construction of the rustic building a team of 80 landscapers and other specialists worked together under the supervision of Art Director and Project Manager Brian Massey. After the opening of the Green Dragon Pub, and the world premiere of The Hobbit, the number of visitors to Hobbiton increased considerably, with 90 percent of them being tourists from overseas.

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