Fascinating Cancun Underwater Museum

British artist Jason de Caires Taylor found an original way to help nature regain its balance: through art. He came up with the concept of an underwater museum consisting of a series of lifelike figurative sculptures that are meant to gradually become an artificial reef. Situated off the Isla de Mujeres in Cancun, Mexico, the collection includes hundreds of statues.

Cancun Underwater Museum (16)

The bold project started in 2009 with only 100 sculptures, all inspired by people from the local community. Today there are over 400 works of art displayed in the aquatic museum, and the goal is to eventually ‘populate’ a surface of more than 4,520 square feet with creations ofmany different artists.

This amazing installation is called “The Silent Evolution”, because it is not meant to remain unchanged. Each statue was made of special marine grade cement with neutral pH, an eco-friendly material that will help support marine life. Fire coral was planted in the first sculptures to give the artificial reef a good start.

Aware of the negative impact that visitors have on the local natural reefs, Jason de Caires Taylor decided to lure them away from those areas to this new manmade underwater habitat. The sculptures are already covered with algae and huge banks of fish are now considering them home. They have started to change the appearance of the museum, which is exactly what the artist wanted in the first place.

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