Fantastic Swingrest By Dedon Ensures Utmost Comfort

The person responsible for the creation of the comfy Swingrest is a skilled designer named Daniel Pouzet, who also sketched out the Dedon Island – an Outdoor Living Lab that can be found in Siargao, Philippines. Daniel’s latest creation is the embodiment of comfort and wellness, boasting a simple yet impressive nest-like design that is based on a rotating tabletop and a high-end suspension system.

Swingrest By Dedon 4
Swingrest By Dedon 1

Swingrest By Dedon

Unlike Pouzet’s previous product, the Nestrest, the Swingrest ensures much more space and can accommodate more people. Moreover, even though it is completely open on all sides, the Swingrest can also be equipped with a special curtain in order to ensure a more private lounging session. Whether you opt to hang this thing from a tree in the middle of a tranquil forest, above a body of water or simply in your back yard, you can be sure that you will never want to come down from it once you settle in.

Swingrest By Dedon 2

Swingrest By Dedon

Swingrest By Dedon 3

Swingrest By Dedon

The Swingrest’s success is not based on a complex design or on heavy embellishments but on a simple yet highly functional concept. The color tones involve natural shades of brown and white, while the impressive suspension system is efficient, save and completely non-intrusive at the same time.

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