Fantastic Sport Activewear Line by H&M

If you think about fast-fashion collections every time you hear about H&M, then you’ll be surprised to know that the brand is now expanding into the sportswear domain as well. The Swedish brand recently unveiled its Sport Activewear line, which is expected to hit retailers as soon as the New Year arrives.

Sport Activewear Line by H&M 1

However, if H&M’s usual sources of inspiration are the newest trends presented on the catwalks, the label decided to look for alternative design sources for its new sportswear collection. As it turns out, the Swedish Olympic team had great input to offer, which is why the clothing pieces themselves feature an incredible mix of performance-orientated characteristics and incredible comfort.

Sport Activewear Line by H&M 2

Fantastic Sport Activewear Line by H&M

In order to satisfy a wide array of preferences, H&M decided to implement an equal amount of neutral and vividly colored pieces. The alternatives include everything from yoga wear, sports bras, running separates, tennis shorts and windproof jackets. The brand definitely managed to blend practicality, great looks and incredible comfort in the new sportswear line, which is why we’re quite sure that success will soon follow.

Sport Activewear Line by H&M 4

Fantastic Sport Activewear Line by H&M

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