Fantastic De Wet 34 House in Cape Town, South Africa

This beautiful residence is called De Wet 34, and it was designed by SAOTA and OKHA interiors. It can be found in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, placed on the slants of Lion’s Head, overlooking the beautiful Bantry Bay.

Fantastic De Wet 34 House in Cape Town, South Africa (9)

Upon arrival, residents are greeted by a grey-shale and redwood street façade that opens up to a beautiful courtyard leading to an entrance gallery. The 4-storey home was built using high quality and sturdy materials such as timber, concrete and rock, and its interiors boast exquisite, natural decorations, high-end amenities and minimalistic furnishings that give off a sense of peace and tranquility.

The double volume dining and living area boasts a fireplace and a cocktail bar along with superb views, while the family room is found on the mountainside of the courtyard garden, ensuring more private living conditions. The main living space is flanked by a pool terrace to the west and by a courtyard garden on the east, and it allows access to both areas through sliding glass doors.

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