Fantastic 360Fly HD Panoramic Camera

Capturing life’s greatest moments on video traditionally requires you to operate some sort of hand-held gadget, but there is now a much easier way to film your surroundings thanks to the 360FLY HD panoramic video camera. As its name suggests, this awesome little gadget is able to record videos of its surroundings from 360° horizontal x 240° vertical angles, which may very well mean that this camera boasts the world’s widest viewing angle.

Fantastic 360Fly HD Panoramic Camera 1

Highly practical, the camera flaunts complete compatibility with various iOS or Android-based devices, which means that you can always do some quick editing on your captured footage before sharing it with your friends. The camera is also quite sturdy and won’t drown unless you take it deeper than 16 feet underwater. Last but not least, the 350FLY is completely wearable, which means that you could easily mount it on top of your helmet and let it do its thing while you do yours.

Fantastic 360Fly HD Panoramic Camera 5

360Fly HD Panoramic Video Camera 2

Fantastic 360Fly HD Panoramic Camera 6

Fantastic 360Fly HD Panoramic Camera 4

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