The Famous Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania

Even though it may not be the most flourishing country in the world from an economic point of view, Romania impresses with its wide array of natural riches such as mountains, beaches, hillsides and plains that make it one of the most picturesque states in Eastern Europe. Furthermore, this land boasts a rich historical heritage as it contains some of the most impressive castles and forts, including the beautiful Peles Castle nestled in the Carpathian Mountains near Sinaia, Prahova County.

Peles Castle, Romania (15)

Commissioned by King Carol I of Romania, the Peles Castle was built in Sinaia to serve as a royal residence and summer retreat. Due to the ingenious planning of architects Johannes Schultz, Carol Benesch and Karel Liman but also thanks to the exquisite decor elements suggested by J. D. Heymann and August Bembé, the castle became a masterpiece of Neo-Renaissance architecture. During the construction process, the surrounding rocky environment posed great challenges for the architects involved in the designing and placement of the landmark, especially since they had to prevent possible calamities such as landslides.

Peles Castle in Sinaia Romania 6

The castle was officially opened in 1883, and it started to gain a high degree of popularity by hosting political meetings and by housing famous personalities such as Austro-Hungarian emperor, Franz Joseph, who visited the Peles Castle in 1896. From an architectural point of view, the castle boasts 160 rooms and features multiple entrances as well as interior staircases.

Peles Castle in Sinaia Romania 5

The most important attractions include a vast collection of arms and armor as well as a wide array of art pieces. The most visited and famous rooms are the Moorish Salon, the Florentine Room, the Imperial Suite, the Arsenal and the Turkish Parlor. With its unique design, plethora of attractions and vast historical significance, the Peles Castle is one of Romania’s most important attractions.

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