Fall Line by Jean Paul Gaultier at Paris Fashion Week

Jean Paul Gaultier is one designer house that never shied away from adopting uncanny styles in order to leave the audience in awe. That is perhaps one of the reasons why the label’s shows have always been so highly expected. The fall 2011 collection by the brand was abundant in pieces that were both versatile and sexy, including tailored pants, jackets, sweaters and more. Another great example of astounding designs is the spring 2012 line that featured a lot of redesigned iconic items.

Fall Line by Jean Paul Gaultier at Paris Fashion Week 1

The last mentioned collection was also a tribute to singer Amy Winehouse who had passed away. The British star had a very agitated life but was, without a doubt, a style icon. Jean Paul Gaultier included pieces like metallic outfits, glitter platforms and kimono-like items in the spring 2012 line. The latest creations by the fashion house, its fall 2013 collection to be precise, were showcased at Paris Fashion Week this year.


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