Fall Line by House of Holland at London Fashion Week

Fashion lovers must be more than eager to see what Henry Holland has prepared for the London Fashion Week. Renowned for the way he mixes edgy elements with playful patterns, the designer is bound to leave a strong impression with his latest House of Holland collection.

Fall Line by House of Holland at London Fashion Week (6)

Since his debut in 2008, Holland has been amazing all those who love style and sophistication. The fashion house has managed to draw attention by creating unique savvy designs, so it’s not that hard to assume that their fall 2013 line will surprise fans in a very good way.

Leaving all assumptions aside, we can focus on their spring and pre-spring collections for this year to get a better idea of what House of Holland might have in store for the following seasons. The two above mentioned lines are abundant in daring colors and creative designs.

If there are still any doubts left, another option is checking out the brand’s lingerie and accessories line, which you will most definitely find delightful with its stylish details and British-inspired elements. The fashion show is set to start on February 16th at 7PM, but until then you can visit the House of Holland online store to see for yourself just how chic the items are.

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