Fall 2013 Line by Lacoste at NY Fashion Week

The fall 2013 line by the Lacoste label flaunts items that transmit a fresh and contemporary vibe. The idea behind the collection is truly imaginative as well. Felipe Oliviera Baptista, the creative designer for the brand, based the pieces on “an imaginary Antarctic expedition “. Lacoste strongly promotes the minimalistic designs that are highly rated these days.

Fall 2013 Line by Lacoste at NY Fashion Week (12)

This fall line also celebrates the 80th anniversary of the fashion brand, so it was only natural to expect trademark elements such as the cotton pique. Obviously, the pieces were adapted to suit the preferences of modern times.

Lacoste chose to showcase the hottest styles for both man and women by giving the designs the same vibe, rather than separating the two styles. The simplistic sporty creations stunned the audience at New York Fashion Week. If the past seasons shined through high contrast items and patterns, the following ones are going to be marked by abstract prints, gradients ad monochromatic items.

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