Fall 2013 Couture Collection by Jean Paul Gaultier

What makes fashion such a remarkable and dinamic industry is that the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity and design, a fact that was proven once again by Jean Paul Gaultier through his outstanding Fall 2013 Couture Collection.

Fall 2013 Couture Collection by Jean Paul Gaultier (19)

As all collections bearing the mark of Jean Paul Gaultier, this one includes a comprehensive array of clothing pieces and combinations that manage to impress deeply. During the first part of the presentation, the collection was clearly based on the designer’s affinity for big wild cats, as the models highlighted a wide array of animal print-based pieces while the Pink Panther soundtrack was playing in the background.

Apart from animal prints, the designer also made full use of pink, plum, gold and royal blue tones, complemented by large proportions and conical shapes. Even though the pieces themselves boast a plethora of different elements, shapes, patterns and colors, the overall looks appear quite harmonious.

At a glance, one can clearly notice that the clothing ensembles are not exactly wearable on a day-to-day basis, but some of them do bring forth a few more practical suggestions. The lavish coats, enticing pumps, animal print jackets and feminine dresses are particularly impressive, giving off a sense of confidence and grace.

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