FAD Residence by FAD Designing Group

This house leave you speechless.Designed by Okanagan Valley-based interior design firm FAD Design Group,the bright residence is located in the Okanagan Valley, in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada.It has three story and has an lot of 2.47 acre on Okanagan Lake 30 minutes north of Kelowna.Both the interior and exterior design are very fabulous.The interior ,especially,is very lucky because all the house is lighted by natural light.All the rooms have wonderful and relaxing views .Furniture make that this house have a welcoming and warm air.Even the bathroom has a great view which can that you can enjoy while you relax.We can say that every thing is in its place.

FAD Residence by FAD Designing Group 7

The architects said that :” it was quite simply to create a strong geometric form that thrust itself out of the hillside made from concrete, glass and accented with some black stone.  The natural surroundings around the home was the perfect setting to create a juxtaposition.  Kinda like a diamond in the rough and beauty through imperfection. This concept was the driving force behind the choice of materials we used.Finally the view is spectacular and it was important to capture it from every room in the home and that we did.

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