Facebook Makes Bono The Richest Rock Star in the World

U2 frontman Bono could become the richest rock star on the planet ,beating of the former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney after the Facebook company will be publicly traded .Bono owns 1.5%stake in Facebook through his firm called Elevation Partners.Its stakes are valued at nearly one billion dollars (630 million pounds), when Facebook will be traded. Bono has invested in Facebook in 2009 and paid almost 90 million dollars (56 million pounds) for his actions. Thus, Bono could become, soon, the richest rocker in life, with a fortune of $ 1.1 billion, with 300 million dollars richer than that currently leads the ranking, Sir Paul McCartney.The public expects that some of the money earned from Bono to be directed to charity that it supports in underdeveloped countries on the African continent.Bono is a legendary figure of the rock world.

Facebook Makes Bono The Richest Rock Star in the World

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