Fabulous TITAN Motor Yacht

The TITAN motor yacht is an extraordinary vessel that was built in the Netherlands by a shipyard called Wim van der Valk. Completed in 2009, this vessel measures 81 feet in length and boasts a sturdy steel hull as well as a steel superstructure.

TITAN Motor Yacht 1

As far as accommodations are concerned, the TITAN features 4 guest suites as well as a lavish master suite that impresses with a wide array of amenities and facilities. The entertainment and social areas also feature a sublime choice of materials and decorations that help create a welcoming and warm atmosphere to be enjoyed by the owner and his or her esteemed guests.

Performance-wise, the TITAN is capable of reaching a top speed of 13.5 knots, which is more than adequate for a vessel of its size.TITAN Motor Yacht 2

TITAN Motor Yacht 7

TITAN Motor Yacht 9

TITAN Motor Yacht 11

TITAN Motor Yacht 15

TITAN Motor Yacht 16

TITAN Motor Yacht 18

TITAN Motor Yacht 20

TITAN Motor Yacht 21

TITAN Motor Yacht 24

TITAN Motor Yacht 25

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