Fabulous Spring-Summer 2014 Shoes by Burak Uyan

The new Spring/Summer 2014 shoes collection by Burak Uyan definitely keeps up with the upcoming trends, featuring a wide array of fabulous alternatives that impress with unique textures and bold, vibrant colors. The collection brings forth numerous alternatives in different styles and with different finishes in order to satisfy all tastes, whether we’re talking about enticing high-heels or more comfortable, down-to-earth choices.

Spring-Summer 2014 Shoes by Burak Uyan 1

As we mentioned before, metallic accents and bold colors are definitely predominant elements in the new line, but Burak Uyan also decided to implement a few animal prints here and there for a plus of variety and impact. Abstract prints in various amazing combinations are also quite popular nowadays, which is why we’re seeing plenty of them in the new spring/summer offerings.

Spring-Summer 2014 Shoes by Burak Uyan 10 Spring-Summer 2014 Shoes by Burak Uyan 16

You can admire several highlights from the new Burak Uyan collection in the following image gallery. Did you decide which piece you like the most?

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