Fabulous Long Hairstyles for Little Girls

Long Hairstyles for Little Girls

Long Hairstyles for Little Girls

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of styling your beloved little girl’s hair in complicated and tedious manners, then you’re in luck because we’re about to present some fun and easy to do hairstyles for long, thick hair.

1. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Spoil your young daughter with this simple yet gorgeous hairstyle that involves an easy fishtail braid. All you have to do is gather her hair on one side of her neck before braiding it using thin and delicate strands. The resulting braid should be secured with a hair band after it is complete.

2. Braid Headband

Braid Headband

A cute and chic braid headband would surely make your young one feel fabulous. Better start grabbing a 1×1 hair strand on one side of her head and braid it carefully before wrapping it over the top of her head. All you have to do now is to secure the braid with a bobby pin and she’s all set.

3. Braided Bangs

Braided Bangs

If it’s hot outside and you want to keep your loved one’s hair out of her face, then you should definitely style it in braided bangs. First, you need to create a headband of hair in the front and French braid it starting from behind one ear and finishing off at the other. Use some bobby pins to hold the hair in place.

4. One-Sided French Braid

One-Sided French Braid

The one-sided French braid is definitely one of the best-looking and simple updos for school. You can start off by combing her hair while creating an even parting, following up with French-braiding the parting all the way to one side but angled towards the nape. Once you’re done, you need to fix the braid in place with a bobby pin. The remaining hair should be combed to the back of the neck and made into a lovely chignon.

5. The Twisted Side Ponytail

Twisted Side Ponytail

A twisted low side ponytail is another great way to adorn your daughter’s hair before she’s off to school. After you managed to create the twisted ponytail and you’ve held it in place with a rubber band, you should grab an outside strand and wrap it around the band while you clasp it safely underneath with a bobby pin.

6. Headband or Bow

Headband or Bow

A headband or a bow are both classic choices when it comes to school updos. A simple braided ponytail adorned with a beaded or flowered headband can make for an exquisite look. You can also use a colorful bow to clip half of her hair up on the side for a cute and innocent hairstyle.

 7. Ballet Bun

Ballet Bun

You can never go wrong with a ballerina bun. The process for creating one takes just a few minutes as all it involves is creating a simple bun secured with bobby pins.

8. Side-Swept Bun

Side-Swept Bun

This look is a little bit more pretentious, which is why we recommend you use it for special occasions. For the perfect result, you need to place her hair over to one side and transform it into a side-swept bun. You can fasten it with bobby pins and add a series of adornments such as flowers or butterflies on the top.

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