Fabulous Buildings Of The Year

If you think that those 88 towers with heights of 200 meters built in 2011 are more,well architects and construction engineers are preparing to break the record again: 96 “giants” will be lifted in 2012. Also, this year will be opened and the tallest building on earth, located in China.A group of architects and building engineers in Chicago, members of the High Buildings and Urban Habitat, which monitors the grandiose projects of the moment, recently made a classification of the most fascinating of today’s skyscrapers.

Fabulous Buildings Of The Year (1)

Researchers chose “giants” in each continent separately. In addition, they gave an award for most original construction innovation in the world. The criteria were the architects of sustainability, innovation and design.From the list make part buildings as Doha Tower , Qatar – the most interesting skyscraper in the Middle East,Bahar Abu Dhabi Towers which includes 29 floors,Tower “Marilyn Monroe”, named after the sexy undulations, Canada,Palazzo Lombardia, Milan, Italy – Europe’s fabulous giant.

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