Extremely Rare Royal One Black Opal is Worth $3 Million

The gorgeous black opal you see in the image is called The Royal One, a name given to it by its current keeper Katherine Jetter. Katherine is a skilled Australian jewelry designer that has a great deal of experience with opal stones.

Extremely Rare Royal One Black Opal is Worth $3 Million (3)

The Royal One was given to Katherine by its original owner, an Australian miner named Bobby, who found it 14 years ago. Among the many other precious stones he dug out, this particular opal caught Bobby’s eye thanks to its beautiful blue and green shades. The miner took it upon himself to polish the stone by using a dental drill for about two years, creating the magnificent 306-carat black opal we can see today.

Bobby kept the stone for himself for 12 years, considering that he was “the guardian of one of God’s greatest creations”. Finally, after a total of 14 years, he decided to hand the stone over to its next guardian – Katherine Jetter.

The Royal One will be officially showcased at the Couture Show, which will take place at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, and it will come with a whopping price tag of $3 million.

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