Extremely Rare Purple Orchid Diamond Worth $4 Million

One of the highlights at this year’s Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair will be the Purple Orchid Diamond pictured here. As a perfect coincidence, the color experts at Pantone have declared their Radiant Orchid purple hue the color of the year for 2014. So a super-rare 3.37-carat purple diamond to enter the market this year is just perfect.

Extremely Rare Purple Orchid Diamond Worth $4 Million

If you didn’t already know, natural fancy purple diamonds are the rarest colored diamonds in the world, and everybody knows that colored diamonds are not a common occurrence anyway. The superb Purple Orchid Diamond was discovered in a mine in South Africa and it took four months to bring it from its natural state to the flawless shape that it has today.

Weighing 3.37 carats, the Fancy Intense Pinkish Purple gem boasts VS2 clarity, and its value has been estimated at $4 million. The company unveiling it is Leibish $ Co., a diamond jewelry expert from Israel.


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