Extreme Fashion! Do You Wear an Unusual Dress?

We don’t know what you think about these dresses but Lady Gaga or Alexander McQueen would have only words of praise to the designers who made them,Iris van Harpen. Dutch girl, aged just 27, she first presented on stage dramatic creations at Paris Fashion Week. Haute couture collection for fall 2011 is actually a best of the most impressive of designer outfits.

Extreme Fashion! Do You Wear an Unusual Dress? (21)

Only five of this were presented on the catwalk for the first time in Paris, but impact the entire collection was huge. All publications fashion collection presented by Iris van Herpen, so should not be excluded that in the near future to see Lady Gaga wearing strange dresses. Iris in her collection has combined modern elements with industrial materials, including proposals so they include plastic and metal, matched with leather or fine fabrics.

It is obvious that the designer is very original and creative ideas, but the question is how will translate them into functional pieces for the modern woman’s wardrobe.

View the entire collection gallery Iris van Herpen presented at Paris Fashion Week and tell us if you wear her creations.

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