Extravagant Shoes Of The Season

We are conviced that all the girls or women love shoes.We don’t think there girl that have not in her wardrobe at least a pair of heels for more special occasions.Although some women prefer high heels and other smaller heels,some love flashy colors ,other appeal to the classic neutral colors, none can compare to with extravagant shoes that will introduce to you.

Extravagant Shoes Of The Season (3)

This season, extravagant shoes stand for high and very high heels, platforms with different shapes exaggerated and unusual accessory.Among the pioneers of special models by definition are brave brands like Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin, Maison Martin Margiela, Prada and “sister” to smaller, Miu Miu, Giuseppe Zanotti, Gianmarco Lorenzo Versace. As always, everywhere favorite stars, Christian Louboutin, never ceases to amaze the public with at least strange combination.

Other brands have relied on models this season ultra-high platform, carved, very similar patterns “heel-less” several seasons ago. Alexander McQueen and Giuseppe Zanotii  suggest this type of sandals with platforms. Versace and Missoni have joined the trend of transparency, turning heels shoes in the spotlight.  They are tall and thin, but both small and thic.For spring / summer, Prada shock with a motive applied sandals inspired movement “pop art”: a woman’s mouth, trimmed in a deep shade of pink-red, which smoke a cigarette. A must-have for colectionarele shoes, Prada Smoking Lips should not miss.

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