Exquisite Vertu Ti Ferrari Smartphone

The Vertu Ti Ferrari Limited Edition smartphone is the result of yet another successful collaboration between the British luxury mobile phone manufacturer Vertu and the highly acclaimed Italian carmaker Ferrari.

Exquisite Vertu Ti Ferrari Smartphone (8)

As you would expect, a partnership between two such extraordinary companies could only yield an equally extraordinary product. The resulting smartphone was actually inspired in its design by the fastest road car ever produced by Ferrari, namely the F12 Berlinetta. That being said, the phone borrowed a series of characteristics from the outstanding supercar such red stitching and high-end Ferrari leather complemented by a prancing horse emblem on the back of the case. Actually, the entire back of the phone seems to resemble a Berlinetta taillight, which is a fitting and original addition.

The phone is part of a limited edition of 2013 units, and it comes with DLC coated metal parts for a plus of sturdiness. Furthermore, the gadget’s software component includes a special Vertu for Ferrari app that allows the user to keep up with the most recent Ferrari events.

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