Exquisite Supercar-Inspired Sunglasses by Ferrari

No summer outfit is complete without a stylish pair of sunglasses, which not only shield your eyes from the unforgiving rays of the sun, but they also help you look amazing. As one of the most acclaimed and famous brands in the world, Ferrari recently launched a stunning collection of sunglasses, each pair boasting magnificent supercar-inspired design elements.

Exquisite Supercar-Inspired Sunglasses by Ferrari (6)

The Ferrari GTO Silver Sunglasses boast red leather and elegant smoky lenses. These sunglasses resemble the Ferrari GTO from 1984, flaunting a silver metal frame adorned with perforated red calfskin. Furthermore, the smoky Zeiss lenses add a plus of elegance and sophistication, and they come adorned with a metal-made Cavallino Rampante logo. For just $374, you can own this amazing pair, which comes in stylish case made using real reclaimed leather.

The Ferrari 308 GTS Black Sunglasses remind of the 1977 open roofed 308 GTS model. The black frame features a perforated red calfskin finish and sweat bar, complemented by a metal stud boasting the Cavallino Rampante logo. This logo is also found on the lenses. The case that accompanies the Ferrari 308 Black Sunglasses comes in genuine reclaimed leather. This exquisite pair has a price tag of $267.

The Ferrari 275 GTS Sunglasses come in silver and red leather, and they flaunt the same elegance and sophistication that radiates from a 1964 Ferrari 275 GTS. The silver metal frame is decorated with red perforated calfskin leather at the tips and sweat bar, while the smoke-colored Zeiss lenses boast a Cavallino Rampante logo in metal. The pair could be yours for $347.

The Ferrari 308 GTS Sunglasses are covered in perforated red leather, and they would go perfectly with a 308 GTS car from 1977. This model is similar with the ones we mentioned earlier, boasting smoke-colored drop-shaped Zeiss lenses adorned with the Cavallino Rampante logo. The price is $387.

The Ferrari Testarossa Red Sunglasses feature a stunning, unique design, since they were inspired from the Ferrari Gran Turismo. The red plastic frame goes nicely with the Zeiss lenses featuring the Cavallino Rampante logo, while the bars boast a metal Scudetto Ferrari emblem. You can show them off for $180.

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