Exquisite PFW Spring 2014 Collections

Exquisite PFW Spring 2014 Collections

Exquisite PFW Spring 2014 Collections

If you enjoy following the latest fashion trends, then you have definitely heard about the latest Paris Fashion Week for Spring 2014 by now. This sublime event brought forth some of the most incredible collections for next year’s spring days, some boasting utmost elegance and grace while others featured sexier or more conservative allures. Needless to say, the PFW Spring 2014 included collections that would satisfy all fashion tastes, so we decided to focus on 5 of the most impressive lines presented on the catwalks.

1. Lanvin


Lanvin’s offerings for spring 2014 were clearly designed with a clever mix of flashiness and elegance, since the pieces seen on the runways boasted an unmistakable sense of sophistication emphasized through the use of shiny fabrics such as brocade, satin and metallic lamé. The lavish alternatives included a few pencil skirts, tweed jackets, glossy cardigans and flapper dresses but also a few unexpected jumpsuits and a dazzling array of daring accessories.

2. Nina Ricci

Nina Ricci

When one is tasked with designing a collection for the Paris Fashion Week, one must definitely come up with creative and unique ideas, and that’s exactly what the creative director of Nina Ricci did when he was charged with the task.

Peter Copping decided to go with a stunning blend of masculine and feminine elements when he designed the label’s new Spring 2014 collection, and the result was nothing short of spectacular. Lace and satin dresses, pleated skirts and modern jackets were only some of the highlights signed by Nina Ricci, and they all boasted supreme elegance at every turn.

3. Manish Arora

Manish Arora

Manish Arora went for a unique, colorful and joyful approach to fashion for its latest collection, which definitely impressed through bold color patterns and kaleidoscopic prints scattered across gorgeously designed pieces. Highlights included fabulous sweatshirts adorned with fluorescent beads as well as sleeveless hoodies complemented by stunning necklaces and playful bangles.

4. Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret

Sportiness and elegance were the defining elements of the new Roland Mouret line, who created an intricate mixture of somewhat contradictory pieces that blended into breathtaking ensembles on the Paris Fashion Week catwalks. Bodycon dresses, oversized coats, pencil skirts and cop tops were paired with edgy pointy sandals for a touch of modernism and elegance.

5. Dior


The latest Dior collection was titled “Against Nature”, since it was indeed inspired by the effortless grace and beauty of flowers but also by their sharp and poisonous dark side. The alternatives involved sublime chic pleated skirts adorned with fabulous floral prints as well as asymmetrical dresses complemented by vintage eyewear. Fans of the brand’s Dior Bar jacket could also enjoy a few fresh interpretations of the gorgeous piece.


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