Exquisite Mobilona Space Hotel to be Europe’s Tallest Hotel

Mobilona is a California-based company that plans to construct something completely innovative and highly expensive: a man-made Barcelona island housing the Mobilona Space Hotel. The project would require approximately $2 billion as initial investment, and would comprise over 2,000 luxury residences and hotel suites.

Exquisite Mobilona Space Hotel to be Europe's Tallest Hotel (2)

Apparently, this hotel will also represent the tallest of its kind placed on an artificial island in Europe, and Apogee Investors have already agreed to manage the financing for this extraordinary undertaking.

Skilled architect Erik Morvan is still working on completing the initial designs, but sources already say that this place would be the first to offer exquisite out of the world experiences for its guests. This should be achieved due to the integration of the Internet of Things system, complemented immersive surfaces and walls that would ensure panoramic views of the universe.

The project also includes a 24-hour “Space Mall”, the world’s first Covered Marina as well as a “zero-gravity” spa. Mobilona already has plans on building another 2 Space Hotels, one in Hong Kong and one in Los Angeles, in which case all three hotels would flaunt an estimated value of $6 billion.

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