Exquisite Kre House in Tokyo, Japan

The Kre House can be found in Tokyo, Japan, and it represents a beautiful nine-car garage home made by the No.555 Architectural Design Office for a passionate sports car enthusiast. What makes this abode special, amongst other things, is that it features its very own elevator lift that can be used to bring cars directly into the living room.

Exquisite Kre House in Tokyo, Japan (3)

The house is placed on a 2,000 square foot lot in a high-end residential area from Shinagawa. The owner requested that the residence would have ample garage space for 9 cars, and that the living room would accommodate his favorite car along with a high tree. In order to satisfy all demands, the architects designed the entire house as a large living room, while the basement is used to park the 9 vehicles.

Structurally speaking, the house was built using light steel structure boxes attached or hanged from a reinforced concrete box. Its innovative and practical layout corresponds to a remarkable architectural accomplishment that required plenty creativity and hard work.  See it all for yourself in the pictures below!

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