Exquisite Jewelry Pieces by Wendy Brandes

Wendy Brandes is a successful luxury jeweler who managed to make a name for herself over the last few years through hard work and dedication. The reason behind her success is that she also has vast experience in other domains such as marketing, media and journalism.

Exquisite Jewelry Pieces by Wendy Brandes (7)

She started off on the road towards her current career back in 2001 when she designed her own wedding band and engagement ring. She liked the idea of designing jewelry so much that she decided to become a professional luxury jeweler in 2005, while in 2007 she reached out to her editing skills and published her own blog called Wendy Brandes Jewelry.

As for the pieces themselves, they are usually made out of precious metals such as 18k white gold, 18k yellow gold or platinum, while the adornments include various precious gemstones such as diamonds. When designing these gorgeous accessories, the artist draws inspiration from the life stories of incredible women and their accomplishments. This adds a sense of historical significance and originality, more so since the pieces are also based on different themes such as literature, history, nature, royalty and pop culture.

Thanks to this incredible variety, Wendy’s jewelry lines are able to address a wide variety of tastes and preferences. Furthermore, most of her pieces flaunt certain mechanical properties that make them even more interesting, since they are able to twist, unscrew, open or close. This very important and original design aspect is highlighted on the designer’s website, which states: “Expect the unexpected, including jewelry that opens up, twists into new shapes and even whistles.”

Wendy Brandes jewelry pieces come with price tags ranging from $440 all the way up to $26,500.

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