Exquisite Gros Ventre Residence in Jackson, Wyoming

With each passing day, we see more and more modern houses being built away from major cities, nestled within lush, natural environments in order to ensure most needed privacy and comfort. The lavish Gros Ventre Residence Jackson, Wyoming is one such abode, a haven of relaxation and tranquility sketched out and built by Stephen Dynia Architects.

Exquisite Gros Ventre Residence in Jackson, Wyoming (12)

This home is all about the views. Its lucky inhabitants are able to enjoy exquisite views of the surrounding hills and mountains from basically any room, since the house boasts generous windows that ensure superb panoramas of the valley floor from the south and east. Furthermore, the northern side faces uphill and includes a private courtyard that comes with its own aspen trees.

The interior arrangements are just as impressive as the encircling outdoors. The residence is outfitted with state-of-the art facilities and high-end amenities, including fireplaces, flat screen TV’s and high quality furnishings.

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