Exquisite Excalibur Quatuor Watch by Roger Dubuis

The Excalibur Quatuor timepiece is a technologically advanced wristwatch by famous manufacturer Roger Dubuis. Other remarkable creations by the watchmaker include the gorgeous Velvet line and the Hommage Perpetual Time. For the Excalibur model the brand invested 5 years of hard work and research. The case has a balance wheel positioned at 45 degrees in all of the four quadrants of the piece. This wristwatch is more both beautiful and mechanically complex, as it boasts a power reserve of 40 hours and a total of 5 differentials and 590 elements.

Exquisite Excalibur Quatuor Watch by Roger Dubuis (9)

Its mechanism works at 115,200 beats per hour and the hands are set in motion by a Roger Dubuis Caliber RD101 movement. Two versions of this timepiece are available, a very limited edition silicon case one of which only three units will be produced and sold for $1 million each, and an 18-karat rose gold version. The last one’s production will stop at 88 examples.

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