Exquisite Döttling Gyrowinder for Luxury Watches

A watch winder mustn’t only be a practical instrument. It can also have a decorative function, just like this piece – called the Döttling Gyrowinder – does. The intricate mechanism of the winder will turn your watch in every direction, thus becoming a very interesting object to look at.

Exquisite Döttling Gyrowinder for Luxury Watches (12)

Thanks to its 360-degree turning capabilities, the winder is said to come extremely close to wearing the timepiece on the wrist. This certainly is way better than regular winders, which only turn watches on a fixed axis. The intricate piece takes about 4 months to manufacture and ship, so you will have to wait a little for your exquisite winder to reach your desk.

The wait, however, is totally worth it. The Gyrowinder is manufactured with “nautical navigation instruments with their gimbal mounts and their absolutely exquisite materials”, and the base is reportedly inspired by astronauts’ training equipment as seen at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Each luxe winder is priced at €11,800 (approx. $11,300).


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