The Most Expensive Cupcake in the World Goes on Display

The most exquisite and expensive cupcake in the world was recently put on display during the National Cupcake Week that currently takes place in London. The event is hosted by Food Network UK, and it will last until September 22 with the purpose of increasing the popularity of cupcakes so that bakeries will enjoy a significant boost in sales.

Most Expensive Cupcake

The most expensive cupcake in the world was placed in a glass box protected by a rope and a bouncer, and it’s not hard to understand why, since this edible treasure is worth no less than $1,227. The cake is enveloped in 24-carat edible gold leaf and boasts a chocolate core. Other ingredients include champagne and peach jam as well as Hawaiian AA tea for flavor, while its butter cream is mixed with high-end Chateau Yquem wine and comes wrapped in sugar drizzling  and in a delicious fondant made with Charbonnel et Walker chocolate. Furthermore, this dazzling display of deliciousness is complemented by a gorgeous small bird that sits on a leafy twig.

Judging by the presentation, this cupcake must not only extremely valuable but absolutely appetizing as well.

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