The Exciting Pearl of Dubai Underwater Theme Park

While classic water parks offer loads of fun with their countless rides and slides and pools, there’s one thing that visitors cannot experience there, and that is scuba diving. Consequently, the upcoming Pearl of Dubai underwater theme park will be a huge success among fans of under-the-sea adventures.

The Pearl of Dubai

Reef Worlds is determined to bring even more tourists to Dubai when it finishes building the world’s largest sustainable underwater tourist attraction. The Pearl will cover five acres off the coast of the lavish city and it will be themed after Atlantis, the mythical sunken land of peace and wellness.

Visitors will be able to snorkel or scuba dive in a wonderful environment designed by the same artists that came up with the magical worlds of Avatar and the Pirates of the Caribbean. Expect to see sunken ruins, mysterious artifacts and a superb artificial reef.

The project is also expected to attract marine life that thrives in shallow waters. The Pearl of Dubai will be developed among the small islands of The World artificial archipelago.

World’s Largest Underwater Theme Park

Original Post at ReefWorlds.

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