Exceptional Residence in Spanishcove, Cork, Ireland

The residence located in Spanishcove, Cork, Ireland, a region with a very harsh and wet climate, was designed by Niall McLaughlin Architects in 2009.

Exceptional Residence in Spanishcove, Cork, Ireland (1)

This gorgeous project was based on the original house, which suffered damage due to the local climate. The owners requested that part of the initial structure would be kept and to it, added further accommodation and a landscape that would take advantage of the building site. The said site is set in a very beautiful environment. The surrounding areas boast a rocky coastline. The eastern part of the site, which includes a sloping lawn, faces the sea, thus granting absolutely breathtaking views.

The aim of this home was to maintain the local design and also feature energy efficient systems. Now the entrance of the house is placed on the west, whereas the views of the sea and the living area are found to the east. The residence consists of several linear pavilions that were set parallel to the existing house. Obviously, since the customers requested that the original home would be retained, the whole project was designed to revolve around it.

Semi-enclosed courtyards are formed by the existence of a series of pitched roofs. The residence also has a terrace that ensures gorgeous cliff and sea views. In the renovated cottage, the guest rooms were set. The first of the limestone buildings, which can be accessed through a glass pathway, houses a bathroom and the master bedroom. The dining room and the kitchen were placed in the second pavilion. The third and final limestone pavilion is divided into two parts. One contains a freestanding study, which can be accessed by a bridge over the cascading pools and stone doors, whereas the other part houses the living room.

The cladding of the new structures is made of Irish blue limestone. The existing cottage has white walls and a slated roof. The materials that were used were chosen in such a manner that they would make the home fit in perfectly with the exceptionally beautiful natural landscape. For instance, the stone that was used becomes very reflective when it is wet. The structure is made of concrete so that it would thermally isolate the house and also support the walls.

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