Excellent Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides-To-Be

Excellent Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides-To-Be (6)

Excellent Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides-To-Be (8)

If you still haven’t found the perfect makeup artist for your upcoming wedding, maybe you should try doing your makeup yourself – especially if you are already pretty good at it and you have a clear idea of what you want to look like on your big day. Here we have a selection of great tips from makeup professionals that we believe will help you a lot in achieving that flawless look that you have been dreaming of since before you can remember.

First of All, Prep Your Skin

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Certainly you already know this, but we couldn’t start our list of advice without this primordial step. It all has to start with a thorough cleansing ritual and then a good moisturizer that’s perfectly adapted to your skin type. Don’t forget the eye area, especially because pre-wedding stress may cause circles under your beautiful eyes, and you don’t want that to ruin the happiest day of your life.

Then, in order to make sure that the makeup will stay on for a whole day, make sure you use an excellent primer, both for your eyes and for your face. A good primer will fill your pores and fine lines, thus creating a smooth canvas for you to work on. It will also prevent the makeup from creasing, running down, or becoming oily.

Not Any Foundation Is Right for You

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You probably already know which your favorite foundation is, but in case you are still looking for the right one, make sure you check the shade in natural light in order to get an accurate idea of how it looks onto your skin. Choose the right shade and not a darker or a much lighter one. When you apply it before the wedding, don’t forget to blend it perfectly at the jawline, because you really cannot afford any makeup mistakes for the wedding photos!

You can also take the foundation further down to your neck to ensure a seamless transition from your face to your neckline. You might also want to use a foundation brush for this process, because the finish is more airy and natural than when you apply it with your fingers.

Concealer Is Your Friend

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…if you apply it at the right moment. It’s true that you can use concealer before applying foundation, but the problem with this technique is that the brush will almost always wipe away the concealer. In order to avoid this, choose to use the concealer after you’ve finished putting on foundation. This way you will also see clearly which minor defects haven’t been covered in the previous step.

Make sure you get any unwanted spots or blemishes, but don’t overdo it, or you might end up accentuating the problem and drawing too much attention to that specific area. Less is more, as always. Concealer is also an imperative under the eyes, especially if you suffer from puffiness or dark pigmentation in that area. The difference can be spectacular.

Next, Powder

Excellent Bridal Makeup Tips for Brides-To-Be (6)

If you want a glowing look, then you only need to apply powder to your T-zone. Make sure that you do not over-powder and you only use the product on those areas of your face that are most prone to oiliness. Also, avoid using too much products and choose a light formula, preferably a translucent version too. Use a large fluffy brush and work gently with it, without pressing it onto your face, because that may result in a cakey complexion. Keep the powder at hand throughout the day for easy touch-ups.

Blusher Is Always a Must

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After you’ve applied foundation and concealer, your skin looks flawless and even, but that also means that you no longer have any color in your cheeks. So in order to keep your appearance glamorous and radiant, make sure you don’t forget to use your favorite blusher.

Eyes and Lips Require a Little Pre-Wedding Experimentation

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Because each bride has a different wedding look in her mind, you will have to decide what you like best – a subtle, delicate appearance or a sultry smoky look – and start working on your skills as a makeup artist. Buy all the products that you need in time, and start experimenting with them until you reach the level of proficiency that you are completely satisfied with.

Check the evolution of your makeup throughout the day and see where you think you could make some improvement. Maybe you will discover that your eye primer is not exactly that good, or that your foundation simply hasn’t got the power to stay on for as long as you need it to stay. Keep these two things in mind: practice makes perfect and really good products give the best results, even if they are more expensive.


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