Everest Gigayacht

All yacht owners will be jealous when they hear this news.A new star makes its appearance,it is about of Everest.What is Everest?The Everest is the world’s gongest private super yacht which will be delivery in 2013.It has 200 meter (656 feet) yacht.The yacht was supposed to be launched in 2010 .Everest is designed by Donald Starkey.The huge Everest will can accommodate 36 passengers and guests consisting of 17 apartments.If all these don’t impressed you ,find out that the yaght has also a private penthouse  suite on the top deck.

Everest Gigayacht (1)

The yacht has a submarine helipad and hangar, indoor and outdoor pools, cinema, scuba center, a large gymnasium, well-being center, sauna and steam rooms.Interesting ,isn’t it?The Everest has all the facilities that you need to relax.It is said of a installing deck-launched torpedoes and SAMs: Ship-to-Air Missiles to guard against terrorists and Somali pirates. So in this yacht can be sure you’re safe. Propulsion is diesel electric with azipods.

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