Eric Clapton wants a $ 4.3 million for Patek Philippe 2499

The legendary Eric Clapton offers his Patek Philippe platinum premium model 2499, for sale.The Patek Philippe 2499 was released in 1951 and remained in production for about 35 years.During this period there were 349 copies, but only two were found in possession of specifications of Eric Clapton.The other copy is found in platinum Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Considered a masterpiece of horologe, the watch will be sold by auction later this year, was first put on sale in the nearly 25 years since it was bought. Specialists from the auction house “Christie’s” clock assessed at $ 4 million and the auction is scheduled for Nov. 12, at Hotel “Four Seasons”, Geneva. Clapton is known as an avid collector of watches and even released an album of songs entitled “Timepieces”. Besides the numerous models Patek Philippe, he holds numerous Rolex watches.

Eric Clapton wants a $ 4.3 million for Patek Philippe 2499 (2)

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