Enjoy Memorable Journeys On Board The Rocky Mountaineer!

As one of the busiest passenger rail services owned privately in North America and Canada, the Rocky Mountaineer is also one of the most popular tourist attractions since it offers memorable journeys in fantastic conditions across the Canadian Rockies. Founded in 1990 by the Armstrong Group, the company in charge of the service is based in Vancouver, British Columbia and oversees a total of 5 distinct routes that go through British Columbia and Alberta.

Rocky Mountaineer 11

Rocky Mountaineer 1

Canadian Rockies

Canadian Rockies

The first route is called “First Passage to the West” and goes over the Canadian Pacific Railway from Vancouver to Kamloops and then onwards to Calgary or Banff in Alberta. The second route was dubbed “Journey through the Clouds” and operates on the Canadian National Railway, while the third route called “Rainforest to Gold Rush” departs from North Vancouver and travels to Whistler and Quesnel and finally to Jasper through the city of Prince George. The fourth route is called “Whistler Sea to Sky Climb” and goes from North Vancouver to Whistler and back again in a single day. The fifth and newest route was added in 2013 and is called “Coastal Passage”. The Coastal Passage links the cities of Seattle and Vancouver to the Canadian Rockies and offers a picturesque journey of a lifetime.

With 60 perfectly maintained railcars in its fleet and a highly professional lineup of staff members, it’s not surprising to find out that the Rocky Mountaineer received numerous awards since its founding days. The company’s Gold Leaf Service was honored with the “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train” award by the “World Travel Awards” 7 times, while National Geographic Magazine included the Rocky Mountaineer as one of their picks for “World’s Best Journeys” in 2007.

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Rocky Mountaineer 3

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Rocky Mountaineer 9

Rocky Mountaineer 12

Rocky Mountaineer 5

Rocky Mountaineer Interior

Rocky Mountaineer 4

Rocky Mountaineer 6

Rocky Mountaineer 7

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