Emma Watson for Lancôme ‘Rouge in Love’ Lipsticks

Emma Watson is the new face of Lancôme’s ‘Rouge in Love’ lipsticks.The line will be available from February 2012.The beautiful 21 year-old Emma has been named the new ambassador for Lancôme’s ‘Rouge in Love’ lipsticks.If you are very curious you must to know that this lovely line will be available in stores by mid-February, next year.Emma revealed her makeup preferences saying that, “When I was younger, I would go for a more natural lip. Now I like playing with different colors. This is just a beautiful thing to hold and own. It’s something that’s light enough to wear during the day and remake an impression at night.”

Emma Watson for Lancôme 'Rouge in Love' Lipsticks (2)

About this experience, Emma said that, “What I love about this story that we put together is that it’s almost fate, like chance, that brings the two of them together… You never know what’s going to be around the corner. That’s what we wanted to get across in the fragrance: that life is magical with little surprises.

Lancôme was taken aback by how much input I wanted to have. But I would never just put my name on something. It’s more interesting to have a genuine involvement with a brand, rather than showing up on the day and looking pretty,” the actress confessed.




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