Emma Stone Covers New York Magazine June/July 2012

Emma Stone on the cover of New York magazine talking about the notorious Jim Carrey video, her personality quirks and her attitude.Emma Stone is on the wave now that the premiere of the movie is fast approaching.The New York Magazine took her a interview in which she said about her personality and behavior.“I’m just trying really hard not to imagine what will happen. Because the way you picture things are never the way they turn out, really, ever.”

Emma Stone Covers New York Magazine June/July 2012 (1)

Emma is a person which doesn’t want to make public her personal life : “It’s just not necessarily stuff I want the whole world to read and have an opportunity to comment on. I’m sorry, I hate to be that actress who says”—girlish voice—“?‘I don’t talk about my personal life,’ eeesh. I was such a fan as a kid, and there were so many people I wanted to know about. I understand it; I just can’t bring myself to do it. I freak out having a Facebook.”

About the incident with Jim Carry which states his desire to have ‘chubby, freckly babies’ with her,she said that:“I was so flattered I can’t even tell you. Honest! I was really flattered, I really was!” She even goes on to say that she always felt connected to older guys: “But I’ve always liked weird connections with men in their forties and fifties. I mean, not in a creepy way. I’ve never been attracted to them. But I have always become, like, pals with guys in that age group.”

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