Elle Fanning Covers Teen Vogue February 2012

Elle Fanning Covers Teen Vogue February 2012.Inside the 13-year-old Elle talks about acting while in school, working with big name celebrities,  fashion, her crush on Ryan Gosling and her relationship with her sister Dakota. She told Teen Vogue that  “It’s not a super actor school, which is good. I like being around people who are just kids.Some people do piano lessons after school; I do movies.”

Elle Fanning Covers Teen Vogue February 2012 (7)

‘We Bought a Zoo’,her new film ,she works with big celebrities and she admits that, “I always feel like they’re just a name — like they’re not real at first. Then once you get to know them, you’re like, That’s Scarlett and Matt! It’s not, like, Matt Damon.”

Elle confesses that, “I never really pull from experience. I just sort of make believe. That’s why I like acting. You can create or imagine anything. It’s not like I’ve fallen in love, but I’ve had crushes and things.”

Me and my friends saw ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love’, and we were freaking out. Everyone falls in love with him after that,” the young actress says. Still, in real life, Fanning is not interested in dating yet. “In seventh grade, it was sort of a big deal to have a boyfriend. You’re not in elementary school anymore, and you feel a lot older. But you can’t do anything. Your mom has to drop you off! It’s sort of awkward. You’re sitting here, and the parents are over there. I don’t know—not for me,” she says.

Her sister said about Elle that “She’s the go-to fashion person in the family. Elle knows every single model, every single collection, every single piece from every single collection. She has a real passion, and it’s not at all in a materialistic way. She genuinely appreciates the workmanship and creativity,” Dakota said.Elle told Teen Vogue that, “I remember the first time Dakota asked me for fashion advice about what to put with what, I was like, My big sister is asking me?”

I’m always quirkier! If people say something is sort of weird, I’m like, Oh, that’s a great compliment!” The actress also says that she’s not into looking too adult. “I’d much rather look like a two-year-old than a 21-year-old,” she says. “You don’t want to do everything right now. You want to wait for that special moment,” the actress told the magazine.



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