Elegant Vertigo Sailing Yacht by Alloy Yachts

Vertigo is a beautifully designed sailing yacht by the Alloy label. The boat was completed back in 2011 and its gorgeous exterior design was created by Philippe Briand. . L-shaped seating spaces that are protected from bad weather by a glass windshield and two sunbeds are set on the aft.  The look of the interior, however, manages to surpass the exterior appearance. A staircase links the aft to the stylish and comfortable cockpit. This area is equipped with startboard, port side and two informal dining lounges. The yacht is also prepared to cater to the guests’ need for entertainment and it features a gym, a beach club and equipment for various water sports.

Elegant Vertigo Sailing Yacht by Alloy Yachts (11)

The interior spaces have a very elegant feel without being intimidating. The compartments, including the accommodation areas have tasteful minimalistic designs that add to the laid back appeal of the boat. The yacht features a lushly appointed main living area that is 30 meters long, an open-plan saloon, a dining area with seating for 12, five cabins and quarters for the crew members. A twin, a stunning master suite and three double cabins are all designed to accommodate guests.

The navigation interface can be accessed from all the rooms via AMX controllers and enables the passengers to get information regarding the vessel’s location on Google Earth.

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