Elegant and Practical Apelle Residence in Karjaa, Finland

The Apelle residence is a fantastic 2013 project that was completed by Marco Casagrande in Karjaa, Finland. The house impresses with a beautiful, white exterior layout that blends seamlessly with its snowy surroundings, while the interiors give off a sense of coziness and spaciousness.

Apelle residence 29

This fantastic family house was made out of wood, and its design involved a single, elongated area that acts as a living area, kitchen and bedroom at the same time. Naturally, walls as well as various appliances and sleeping arrangements form certain boundaries, even though they are mostly imaginary. This particular design element is specific to multiple Finnish homes, and it definitely adds a plus of practicality overall.

Apelle residence 16

Apelle Residence in Karjaa, Finland

Furthermore, since it is nestled in the middle of a forest, the Apelle residence was equipped proper heating facilities in the form of 2 fireplaces, while the high quality insulation makes sure that the heat stays inside.

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