Egypt-With the balloon on Nile

A calm trip with style on the one of the most largest rivers in the world,with legendary landscapes which are a perfect introduction in knowledge of ancient civilizations. To float above the wide the riverbed of the Nile and its desolated banks in the gondola of a balloon filled with hot air is one of the most beautiful experiences that Egypt can offers to you, even if it means to leave an hour before sunrise.

Egypt-With the balloon on Nile (5)

To reward morning hour you are offered a champagne breakfast in field dotted with palm trees while the balloon was preparing for takeoff.What happens next depends on the wind direction.If blowing from the east first you fly over irregular hills and royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens being part of a beautiful aerial view of Queen Hatshepsut tomb.

If blowing from the west you will float on top of fields like emerald ribbons and above the Nile with the entire temple complex of Karnak, the largest in the world. These landscapes and ancient monuments journey captures fleeting images of everyday life in Luxor and surrounding villages. End of the trip is back on the ground with a hefty shake often in the middle of a bush where arrival will attract a group of peasants who came to welcome you.

Optim period:All the year ,but preferably November-February.

Travel time: An hour in air.

To know: Start point of the trip is Luxor and travel agents will arrange the car to be taken directly from the hotel.Take a sweater or jacket for the cool mornings.Take basic needs without valuables.

Attractions: Admire the landscape from the height of land cultivated with the green ribbon along the Nile winding through the desert.

North of Luxor was impressive temple complex of Karnak built over a period of 1300 years.It hosts the Great Hypostyle Hall and pink granite obelisk of Hatshepsut measuring 30m the second highest in the world. Do not miss a visit to the tomb of Nefertari, Valley of Queens.They were restored and the visitors must  to wear masks and slippers.


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