Eccentric Collections at the London Fashion Week Spring 2014

London Fashion Week Spring 2014

London Fashion Week Spring 2014

The designers that presented their newest collections during the London Fashion Week Spring 2014 drew their inspiration from a widespread array of sources that varied according to their specific themes. For example, some experts decided to go with joyful and optimistic collections that were brimming with color and excitement, while others proffered to go with a darker look that brought awareness to some of the world’s most serious problems. Here are some of the most eccentric spring/summer 2014 collections we’ve seen so far:

1. Vivienne Westwood Red Label Collection

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Collection

The exceptional presentation of the new Vivienne Westwood spring 2014 collection started off with an amazing dance routine performed by Lily Collins, which was inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen story named The Red Shoes. As expected, the designer’s fashionable collection was accompanied by a very profound message that was meant to raise awareness towards consumerism and climate change.

The line included a series of completely wearable outfits that comprised corseted dresses, boxy suit jackets and high waist knee length shorts complemented by a few T-shirts imprinted with “Climate Revolution”.

2. Spring 2014 Mulberry Collection

Mulberry Collection

The creative director of Mulberry, Emma Hill, also decided to take notes from children’s books for her latest collection, but she did so with much more optimism and joy in mind. Her alternatives boast fabulous 60s inspired design cues and modern elements that mix into a stunning display of elegant yet very practical pieces.

The perfect contrast between edgy leather dresses and daring flower motifs was particularly interesting to observe.

3. Spring 2014 Matthew Williamson Collection

Matthew Williamson Collection

Matthew Williamson chose to focus on elegance and femininity for his new collection, and so he brought forward a series of exquisite ensembles that comprised shift dresses, enticing skirts, cropped jackets, organza dresses and loose pants. His line also included a series of playful motifs especially when it comes to patterns, and he even stated that he “wanted the prints to look like a five-year-old girl had done them.” Quite original, wouldn’t you say?

4. Spring 2014 Mary Katrantzou Collection

Mary Katrantzou Collection

The best words we could used to describe Mary Katrantzou’s collection would be edgy, colorful and flashy. The alternatives were matched with a series of exquisite footwear pieces such as pumps, sneakers and men’s brogues, while the models walked across the catwalk accompanied by a fitting soundtrack signed by the Rolling Stones – She’s a Rainbow.

 5. Spring 2014 House of Holland Collection

House of Holland Collection

With a superb blend of playfulness, femininity and sportiness, the new collection signed by the House of Holland managed to impress deeply at the London Fashion Week Spring 2014. The alternatives boasted 50s inspired designs as well as some Mexico City influences scattered here and there.

The outfits were created using gingham cardigans, checkered skirts, beautiful shirtdresses and tops with religious symbols. As always, Henry Holland never fails to impress.

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