Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

We all know that Thanksgiving is one of the most important family holidays of the year, and as with all important holidays, our children are the ones that get into the spirit the most. Therefore, we decided to give you a few examples of Thanksgiving crafts ideas for kids, so that you may spend some quality time together gathering the necessary materials and assembling them into fun and festive decorations. And since we’re talking about Thanksgiving here, turkey crafts are definitely the most popular choices, but we’ll let you decide what you like the most. Here are our 13 easy Thanksgiving crafts projects:

1. Pinecone Turkeys

Pinecone Turkeys

Pinecone Turkeys are extremely easy and fun to make, since all the necessary ingredients for the project involve a few pinecones, felt, feathers, wiggly eyes and some glue. You should make a fun day out of it and gather the pinecones with your kid as you enjoy a walk in the park, and after you get back home, you can start assembling these cute little turkeys. First, you need to cut the feathers in half and apply some hot glue at the bottom. Now you can insert them through the cracks of the pinecone in order to make the turkey tail, while the beak and the eyes can be glued afterwards.

2. Foam Fowl

Foam Fowl

The foam fowl is a bit more difficult to do, but as long as you have a little patience and a pair of steady hands, you should run into no problems at all. The required materials are easy enough to get and quite cheap as they involve 5 sheets of colored foam (yellow, orange, red, light brown and brown), a marker, scissors, glue and wiggly eyes.

Now you can start off by tracing your kid’s hand on a piece of foam and then stack two more pieces underneath before cutting out the shape. These foam pieces should be the brown, light brown and red ones. Now you can take the yellow foam and cut out an 8-like shape, followed by a slightly smaller one from the orange foam. You can now use the brown foam again to cut out two legs and a beak while the red one should be used to cut out a wattle. Now for the assembly! Stack the two brown prints together so that the “feathers” appear staggered. Now you can glue the red handprint on top of these two before adding the yellow and orange shapes for the body. Just glue the eyes, beak, wattle and legs and you’re all set. Easy enough, right?


3. Turkey Finger Puppets

Turkey Finger Puppets
Kids have a lot of imagination, so you don’t necessarily need flashy, expensive toys to make them happy. These turkey finger puppets are a perfect example of this, as they can be made easily using just a few simple materials such as felt, thread and glue. Of course, you’ll also be needing some scissors, and different felt colors such as brown, red, orange, white black and yellow, while the thread should be black, white and brown. You’ll also need a turkey puppet template that you can download online.

You can start off by printing the templates, cutting them out and tracing them on pieces of felt before cutting them out of the material. You can now sow the eyes by stacking a black pupil on top of the white eyeball and then tack them both to a brown piece of felt. Now use an identical brown piece, stack it beneath the one with the eyes and sew them both together using brown thread but make sure you leave an opening at the bottom. For the “feathers” you need to glue the yellow and orange pieces together and even sew them using white thread for a plus of durability. Now you just need to tack the brown finger pouch with the eyes onto the feathers and glue the beak and the wattle onto the turkey’s face.

4. Foam Turkeys

Foam Turkeys
If you want to help your kid to make this incredible little foam turkeys, first you’ll need to procure the right materials for the job. These are easy enough to find as they include some foam balls, dark brown spray paint, small goggly eyes, multi colored paper straws, some glue, scissors, a knife and a ruler.

Before you let your kid get to work you should prepare some of the necessary ingredients yourself, as these require the use of a knife. Using the knife, cut a little foam ball in half for the turkey’s feet and paint all the balls using dark brown spray paint. Don’t forget to do this in advance in order to let the paint dry properly.

In order to create the turkey’s body, you will need to use a brown straw piece to attach the smaller foam ball (the head) to the larger one (the body). The feathers can be assembled easily in three rows by using seven green straw pieces for the first one, six orange straws for the second one and 5 yellow straws for the third. It’s best to start in the center and to expand gradually towards the sides. For the legs, you need to insert 2 brown straw pieces inserted into the half-balls you cut out earlier and attach those to the main body. The eyes and the beak can be applied using glue onto the turkey’s face.


5. Pumpkin Turkey Centerpiece

Pumpkin Turkey Centerpiece
This incredible pumpkin turkey centerpiece is an extraordinary Thanksgiving table decoration that can be made easily by kids of all ages if they receive a little help. The most “difficult” part is to create a template for the turkey’s head, wings and feathers, but you can make one yourself with a little bit of imagination or just download one online. The materials include heavy construction paper in lovely fall colors such as orange, yellow, brown, red and black, a small pumpkin, scissors, crayons, craft glue, foam mounting tape and the aforementioned template.

If want to download a template, make sure you print it out and cut out the shapes. Now create 9 tail feathers by tracing around the feather template so that you end up with 3 brown, 3 yellow and 3 orange ones. You can now mix up the feathers and arrange them in a semi-circle. Use the mounting tape to fix the feathers together at the bottom and in between each of them. Now attach the feathers to the pumpkin using the tape you placed at the bottom. You can now make the turkey face by cutting out and gluing the eyes, waddle and beak. Place the face on the pumpkin using the tape in such a way that you mask the stem. All you have to do now is trace and cut out the wings, apply them to your little pumpkin turkey and you’re all set.

6. Cereal Box Turkeys

Cereal Box TurkeysIn order to create these cute cereal box turkeys you’ll first need to cut out several circles out of multiple cereal boxes. You will also need some glue, some cardboard pieces, scissors and Popsicle sticks. The cereal box circles should come in different colors and sizes so that you may experiment with the placement until you are satisfied with the turkey shape you created. You should also let your kids choose how to arrange them since they are quite imaginative and intuitive when it comes to crafts. After you’re set with a shape, you can glue the circles on top of each other. A good idea is to place a larger circle at the back that should be cut at the base and slit several times vertically in order to form the “feathers”. You can now use smaller circles for the body, while one circle should be cut in half in order to form the wings. The smallest circles should form the head and wattle, while a small triangle would work great for the beak.
You can now glue a Popsicle stick on the back of your cereal box turkey and use it to adorn a lovely bowl of fruit or a nice plate of sweet potatoes.


7. Clothespin Turkeys

Clothespin Turkeys

A funky, colorful clothespin turkey might represent a perfect little Thanksgiving project for you and your little one. You will need some white spray paint, clothespins, colorful craft feathers and a hot glue gun. You can start off by painting the clothespin white and letting it dry for a few hours. Afterwards, you need to apply some glue between the “legs” of the clothespin and attach colorful little feathers on each side, but in order for them to become glued properly, you might want to cut off their hard parts. You can now paint the eyes and apply a small piece of feather below the beak as a wattle and on top of the head as a tuft.


8. Thankful Turkeys

Thankful Turkeys

Thankful turkeys are cute, easy to make and incredibly in tune with the whole Thanksgiving theme since you can actually write down the things you and your kids are thankful for on their feathers. The materials required for this fun little project include a toilet paper roll, colored construction paper (preferably, red, green, yellow, orange, and brown), red and orange craft foam, googly eyes, a black marker, glue, and scissors.

Cut some feathers out of the construction paper using the scissors and get your kids to write down the things that they are thankful for on them. You can now cut 2 feet and 1 nose out of the orange craft foam as well as a wattle from the red foam. Glue the eyes, nose, wattle and feet on your turkey. Now you can glue the paper feathers onto the back of the roll. Voila!


9. Paper Plate Turkey

Paper Cup Turkey

This is another great Thanksgiving craft idea for the little ones, since it can be done with great ease by kids of all ages. You’ll need to supply some googly eyes, scissors, brown, orange and red foam, glue, some colored feathers, some brown paint, a paintbrush and some paper plates.

The paper plates need to be painted brown and left to dry out for a while. In the meanwhile, you can cut out a circle out of the brown foam that will represent the head, an orange triangle for the beak, some orange feet and a red wattle. After the plate is dry, you need to glue these together along with the googly eyes in order to create the head of the turkey. For a final touch, you can glue the feathers onto the back of the plate.

 10. Paper Pumpkins

Paper Pumpkins

For these incredibly cute paper pumpkins you’ll need some clear tacky spray, orange 12” square paper, green 12” square paper, a hole punch, pipe cleaners, brown 12” square paper, a green Permanent marker, a green pencil and a paper cutter.

In order to create a great pumpkin-like shape, you’ll first need to cut the orange paper into thin strips (about 1″ each) and arrange 7 of them in an asterisk shape with the ends overlapping in the center. You need to apply tacky spray on these ends and hold them together until they dry before pulling the other ends above the center and gluing them together as well. You should now get a leaf pattern and print it onto a green piece of paper. Use a marker to draw some veins on the leaf for a more realistic effect!

Now you need to punch a hole at the bottom of the leaf and place a pipe cleaner in it. Twist the end of the leaf around the pipe cleaner and curl the end of the pipe cleaner around a pencil in order to create a q-like curl. You need to repeat the process 2 more times, so that you will have 3 pipe cleaners per pumpkin. In order to make the stem, cut a 1″ wide brown paper strip and glue one end on top of the pumpkin. Now you can wrap the pipe cleaners and the leaf around the stem for a plus of originality.

11. Paper Cup Pilgrims

paper Cup Pilgrims

We’re going slightly off the turkey pattern with this one because pilgrims are also a very important symbol related to Thanksgiving. You can create these adorable paper cup pilgrims with just a little bit of patience and a good choice of materials. This particular craft comes in 2 distinct versions, namely the boy pilgrim and the girl pilgrim. Depending on which one of them you want to make first, you’ll first need to gather a few materials.

The Girl Pilgrim requires a polystyrene ball, a paper cup, pink paint, black paint, wool, googly eyes, black and pink felt or craft foam, white paper, a pink pen and some glue. The crafting process requires you to paint the ball pink and the cup black before gluing the ball to the bottom of the cup. Then you should cut out two paper triangles in order to make the collar as well as an apron and glue these at the neck and at the bottom of the cup respectively. You can also cut a strip of white paper and apply it as a belt around the center of the cup. You can create the arms and the hands by using black and pink felt respectively and gluing them together. Add a rectangle of white paper next to the hands, which will serve as cuffs, and you can also glue some wool on the head as hair. Make the bonnet from a white piece of square paper, while the eyes should be easy enough to apply using a bit of glue. You just need to draw the rest of the face now.

The Boy Pilgrim requires exactly the same materials with the exception of some extra pink and gold craft foam. The first steps are similar with the girl pilgrim, as it involves you painting the ball pink and glueing it onto the bottom of the cup. The collar is also done by using two white foam rectangles, but the belt is made out of a brown strip of foam that is adorned with a gold card buckle. You already know how to make the arms, hands and hair, but the hat is made using a different process. You need to cut two hats from the black card and apply glue around the edge of one hat before sticking them both together. Now you have to cut another strip of brown card and decorate it with a gold buckle, apply it on the hat and place said hat onto the pilgrim’s head. You can now draw the face and add the eyes.

12. Paper Cup Turkey

Paper Cup Turkey

These paper cup Thanksgiving turkeys are the perfect place card holders to put on your dining table, and since children can help in the making process, they are also quite easy and fun to create. The materials required for this little project include scissors, craft glue, white construction paper, orange construction paper, googly eyes, a small felt triangle for the beak, a small red felt heart for the gobbler, a large brown pom-pom for the head, craft paint and an 8-ounce paper cup.

You can have your kids paint the paper cup brown as it is placed upside down on the work surface, since this will represent the body of the turkey. In order to make the feathers, ask the kids to paint the white piece of paper with several fall colors. After the paint is dry, you can ask the children to trace their hands on the paper before you cut it into large pieces. Now you can cut the tips of each feather into a point and glue the feathers onto the back of the paper cup. Follow up by attaching an upside down triangle onto the back of the upside down heart, as these will represent the beak and gobbler of the Thanksgiving turkey. Now you can place the pom-pom turkey head at the top of the paper cup and seal it in place using glue before adding the beak, the gobbler and the eyes. The turkey’s feet can be made out of orange paper by cutting two small triangles and a zigzag edge on each side in order to form the toes. Attach the feet to the bottom of the cup in order to finish your lovely Thanksgiving paper cup turkey!

13. Thanksgiving Hand Wreath Craft

Thanksgiving Hand Wreath Craft

For this particular craft you will need a piece of poster board paper or cardboard, scissors, glue, a few sheets of construction paper, felt or foam paper as well as several accent pieces such as buttons, acorns or leaves.

Grab a piece of paper of your choosing and trace your kid’s hand onto it several times before cutting out the shapes. Next, you’ll want to grab a poster paper or cardboard and cut a round wreath that is proportional in size with your kind’s hand. Now you can attach the hand shapes around the wreath using a hot glue gun. According to preference, you can either ask your kid to tell you the things that he or she is thankful for at each hand print or even write these down using a sharpie. Make sure the handprints are placed facing different ways and at different angles!

After the handprints are firmly attached, you can let your kid decorate the craft using the accent pieces we mentioned earlier. These can be anything from buttons and pom-pom balls to leaves and acorns. Now you can just add a piece of ribbon as a final touch. Looks great, doesn’t it?

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